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600 Years of Doboj - Set

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  • 20.05.2015
  • Djumic/Dosenovic
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  • Forum, Novi Sad
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About 600 Years of Doboj

It is possible to ask a number of questions about the oldest town of Doboj, but it is possible to provide a few answers. The written records simply don’t exist, and material archaeological findings are modest. Building a fortress in the 13th century dictated the establishment of the town. In the Middle Ages it was said about the fortress city, a town was a suburb, which emphasize the vital ties the two appearances. Always keep in mind, the fortress was built to control the important road and its intersection in this part of the valley of Bosnia. Small space of the crossroads in front of the entrance to the fortress, became the Doboj medieval square, and when homes were built around the square and around three roads that entrances and exits to the square, then it is already an act of birth 13th century small town with a market and three streets. Just one more to be added is church, built along the south side of the square, opposite the entrance to the fort, because there is no town in a Christian country of the Middle Ages, without the church. And finally, around the church's is the first cemetery of residents of Doboj. With this is a picture of a small suburbs of the Middle Ages complete. It is necessary to specifically draw attention, both from the 13th century when it was founded, until the last decades of the 19th century, the town Doboj stands as petrified, like a fortress.

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