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2019Famous Croats (C) - Full sheets

Full sheets
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Full sheets
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Technical details
  • 16.04.2019
  • Sabina Rešić, designer from Zagreb
  • -
  • AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Offset Printing
  • Multicolor
  • 35.50 x 29.82 mm
  • 3.10 HRK x 3
About Famous Croats (C)

Anđela Horvat
Art historian and conservator (Krašić, 18 March 1911 – Zagreb, 26 September 1985). Graduated with a degree in Art History, History and Latin at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (1935), where she also defended her doctoral thesis entitled Architectural and Fine Arts Monuments in Međimurje (1956). She spent her working years at the Croatian Conservation Institute in Zagreb (1941-1970). She was a full member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Art (since 1983). Apart from working on the creative conservation of monuments, Anđela Horvat was a renowned scientist whose research interests covered a broad spectrum of topics. Temporally, her work was dedicated to works of art originating between the 7thand 20thcenturies. Thematically, her research interests spanned all branches of art: from urbanism and architecture, sculpture and painting, to artisan crafts. Territorially, her work was focused on continental Croatia. Considering the context in which she did her research, drawing attention to continental Croatia meant dedicating research to an area that had been almost entirely unexplored, left in the shadow of the great Dalmatian works of art.

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