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2019 Euromed - Mediterranean Folk Costumes - Set

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Technical details
  • 08.07.2019
  • Dubravka Zglavnik Horvat, designer from Zagreb
  • -
  • AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Offset
  • Multicolor
  • 29.82 x 48.28 mm
  • 8.60 HRK
About Euromed - Mediterranean Folk Costumes

The Croatian island of Susak is one of the smallest inhabited islands on the northern Adriatic coast. It was formed by limestone rocks covered in layers of sand several metres thick, that are suitable for growing old grapevines. In the Middle Ages, it was the property of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas. A church and a large 12th-century Romanesque crucifix have been preserved from that period. There is also an eponymous settlement located on the island, whose inhabitants were fishermen, wine growers and winemakers. After World War II, many inhabitants of Susak Island moved to the United States as political and economic migrants. They regularly visit their birth island, which is inhabited by a small community today.

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