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1995 Christmas - Set

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  • 04.12.1995
  • Ivan Lacković Croata
  • -
  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
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  • 29.82 x 35.50 mm
  • 5.40 HRK - 1.50 BAM
About Christmas

Of all Christian holidays, Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, is the greatest. According to historic records, Christmas was first celebrated on January 6th, but, in 534, the Pope Liberius moved the holiday to December 25th, which corresponds to the winter solstice, in order to replace the pagan holiday of Saturnaliae dedicated to the God Mitras. The Christmas period in Croatia starts on December 6th, St Nicholas’ day and lasts until January 6th, Epiphany. December 13th, St Lucy’s day is when wheat is sown in bowls at home for Christmas decoration, and wood is gathered.

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