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Hungarian Saints And Blesseds VIII - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 05.08.2020
  • Imre Benedek
  • -
  • Pénzjegynyomda (souvenir sheets, black print, FDC); Pátria Nyomda Zrt. (set)
  • Offset; the special edition is made unusual by embossing.
  • -
  • 104 x 78 mm
  • HUF 1,200
About Hungarian Saints And Blesseds VIII

Magyar Posta is continuing the presentation of Hungarian saints and blesseds in 2020. The numbered souvenir sheets with the subtitle Pious Elizabeths are issued in honour of Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Töss and Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. Together with the standard edition, a special edition using embossing and, as part of the exclusive set, a likewise numbered limited edition black print are also being released. The new souvenir sheet was designed by the graphic artist Imre Benedek and printed by the banknote printing company Pénzjegynyomda.

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