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Christmas Seals 2020 - Full sheets

Full sheets
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  • 02.11.2020
  • Suffía Nón
About Christmas Seals 2020

The Christmas Seals 2020 tell the story of the first Christmas. How Joseph and Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem where Jesus was born and placed in a manger, because there was no room at the inn. The shepherd in the field and the three sages are also depicted on the seals.

The Christmas seals have a Faroese tinge, since the Faroese landscape is used as background and the attentive viewer immediately sees that Mary wears a Faroese sweater with the traditional star pattern and that Joseph wears a Faroese hat and a Faroese traditional coat. The shepherds in the field also wear Faroese hats and one of the sages wears the Faroese festive hat, called stavnhetta – a hat with two rising tips - and a long homespun traditional coat.All sale profits go to The Christmas Seal Foundation, which supports children and youth activities in the Faroe Islands.