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Sepac 2020 - Set Mint - Set

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Technical details
  • 27.04.2020
  • Díðrikur á Skarvanesi
  • Phil@poste, France
  • Offset
  • 40,0 x 30,0 mm
  • 20,00 DKK
About Sepac 2020 - Set Mint

A brightly coloured row of birds meets the eye, all in profile, slightly shifted to the rear of each other, each on its own small elevation. Strong yellow, blue, green and red fields light up in between the brown and black surfaces of the birds’ plumages. Even if the patterned colour surfaces lend the arrangement a decorative touch, we clearly note that the subject matter is pigeons. And should you have any doubt, the stamp sheet carries the inscription: “Moon Pigeons”, a title indicating the fantasy world to which these pigeons belong.

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