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2018House Pets - Set

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  • 31.10.2018
  • Elvis Tromp
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  • 90c, 100c, 130c, 135c, 220c, 500c
About House Pets

House Pets such as those illustrated on our stamps are kept primarily for a person’s company, protection or entertainment. The most popular house pets are known to be the dogs and cats.
However, other animals commonly kept also include: rabbits, tortoise, freshwater fish, parrots, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs to mention a few.
Pets provide their owners both physical and emotional benefits. Walking a dog can provide both the human and the dog with exercise, fresh air and social interaction. Pets can give companionship to people who are living alone or elderly adults who do not have adequate social interaction with other people. Owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety. Health-wise, it can lower your blood pressure, improve your immunity and even decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke and can help fight cancer. Please know that having a pet brings responsibility by means of medical attention, food and time. So if you want to have a lot of benefits and if you are willing to take full responsibility perhaps you should think about having a beautiful pet.

90c: two kittens playing with a ball of thread taken out of a basket
100c: young girl posing with her pet dog
130c: young girl holding her rabbit in her arm
135c: young boy looking at his fishes swimming around in the aquarium
220c: young tortoise (“morocoy”) being fed
500c: love birds communicating with each other in their cage