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2021Premiers Of Aland - Stamp Booklet

Stamp Booklet
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Technical details
  • 09.06.2021
  • Sofia Valtersson/Strax
  • Royal Joh Enschedé
  • Offset
  • 5-colour
  • 26, 25 x 35 mm
About Premiers Of Aland

Booklet of 8 stamps, 2 x 4 motifs. The Premier leads the government of Åland, which prepares and executes business that falls within the domains of the autonomy. The four stamps portray Viveka Eriksson, who was the first female Premier in Åland from 2007 to 2011, Camilla Gunell, who headed the government until 2015 when Katrin Sjögren took over the chair. The current Premier Veronica Thörnroos took office in 2019.