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2021Maltese Buses - Set

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Technical details
  • 07.10.2021
  • MaltaPost p.l.c.
  • Richard Stedall & Marco Zammit
  • Offset
  • 44mm x 31mm
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About Maltese Buses

The image of Malta's traditional coloured buses around the Valletta Triton Fountain is a nostalgic memory still dear to tourists and locals alike.

The origins of the Maltese bus service dates back to 1905, steadily gathering momentum and in popularity. The buses were often ownerdriven thereby fostering a friendly rivalry leading to the heavily customised buses endearing themselves to the public at large.

Unfortunately, age took its toll on a good number of these buses thereby bringing about their replacement by modern models. Despite their discontinuation, quite a few were sent to the UK and restored by enthusiasts there while a number of these are still in use for tours and other events around the Islands.

In retrospect, it is quite difficult to forget the different colours, the rumbling engines, the religious shrines, the coloured tickets, the steep boarding steps and unyielding windows. In their simplicity, they were distinct, and through their unique characteristics, one could observe the impact the buses had on Malta's cultural identity. They reflected a nation of humble origins with an amazing depth of history and character. It is in remembrance of this rich heritage that we are proudly introducing three new stamps celebrating the traditional buses of Malta and Gozo.

Ford Thames with 1953 coachwork by Joseph Micallef and was registered as Bus No.2501. Unwaveringly it worked the Sliema routes in its two-tone green livery until 2011, when it was painted in yellow and orange livery and is now being enjoyed by tourists as a vintage city tour bus.

A Bedford OB, with coachwork by Michael Debono in the 1950s, originally registered as Bus No.3119, later changed to Y-0676, rebuilt in 2011. It too is now serving as a vintage city tour bus with the registration plates ZXY676.

A Ford Thames chassis and cab with coachwork built by Michael Barbara in 1953. Following decommission, it was rebuilt and repainted in the attractive red and blue Zabbar route livery. It is spending its retirement as a vintage city tour bus. It was first registered as Bus No. 3299, then FBY732, and finally FXY732.

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