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2022 Tallinn Town Hall 700 - Set

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  • 07.07.2022
  • Indrek Ilves
  • AS Vaba Maa
  • Offset
  • 32.0 x 26.5 mm
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About Tallinn Town Hall 700

The Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest and the only surviving Gothic town hall in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is first mentioned in the year 1322 as a consistorium and in 1372 as a town hall. The town hall was given its layout as well as interior and exterior appearance, the key features of which are still largely there today, in the years 1402–1404. The reconstruction was led by stonemason Ghercke. The Tallinn Town Hall is a two-storey limestone building with a tall saddle roof and an octahedral tower. The weathervane depicting an old warrior, Old Thomas, was installed on top of the spire in 1530, and it has become one of the symbols of Tallinn. The dragon-head gargoyles on the main façade were installed in 1627.

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