2022100th Anniversary of Czech-Slovak Technical Standardization - Set

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  • 20.10.2022
  • Doc. Igor Benca akad. mal.
  • Tiskárna Hradištko, s.r.o.
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  • 26,5 x 44,1 mm
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About 100th Anniversary of Czech-Slovak Technical Standardization

Modern institutionalised Czechoslovak standardisation dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The overall authority with responsibility for standards was founded in 1922, as a result of many discussions initiated by the Masaryk Academy of Labour. The Czechoslovak Association for General Standardisation was officially established when all parties came to an agreement on 28th December 1922. The organisation was founded as a non-profit-making company, funded through its members – commercial enterprises, especially thanks to prof. Dr. Ing. Vladimír List (1877 – 1971), the initiator of these discussions. The book of standards (Normalizácia), published in 1930 by the Czech Scientific Institution for the Propagation of Technical Literature, has traditionally been considered as one of the key works of the literature of standards of the period. However, the promising boom in Czechoslovak standardisation was interrupted by World War Two in 1939.

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