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2023 House of Music Hungary - FDEC M/S Red Number - Collectibles

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Technical details
  • 23.01.2023
  • György Kara
  • ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt. (souvenir sheet), Codex Zrt. (FDC)
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 95 x 70 mm
  • HUF 950
About House of Music Hungary - FDEC M/S Red Number

Magyar Posta is issuing a souvenir sheet in honour of the House of Music Hungary. Fifty thousand copies of the black numbered perforated souvenir sheets and 4,000 copies of the red numbered imperforated souvenir sheets designed by the graphic artist György Kara were produced by ANY Security Printing Company. The new issue goes on sale at Filaposta, philately specialist services, certain post offices and from 23 January 2023.

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