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2023Europa - Peace - The Highest Value of Humanity - Set

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Technical details
  • 09.05.2023
  • Authors: Dubravka Zglavnik Horvat, designer from Zagreb and Lina Bos and Runa Egilsdottir from Luxembourg, Photograph: Walter Sirotić, photographer from Buzet
  • AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Offset Printing
  • Multicolor
  • 42.60 mm x 35.50 mm
  • letter code B
About Europa - Peace - The Highest Value of Humanity

The need for a secure life is a basic human need. It gives us a sense of stability and peace. However, peace is not just the absence of what directly threatens us, such as war and violence, but also the absence of what indirectly and structurally threatens us. We seek peace on a personal, social and global level, which illustrates how highly we value it as a society.

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