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2023To VMU Botanical Garden 100 - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 17.07.2023
  • I. Balakauskaite
  • Baltijas Banknote, SIA, Latvia.
  • Stamp Size: 37,5 x 30mm, M/S Size: 112 x 97mm
About To VMU Botanical Garden 100

Vytautas Magnus University Botanical Garden was established in 1923. Kaunas, in Aukštaia Freda. Covering an area of ​​62.5 hectares, the garden was established by the then Faculty of Mathematics and Nature of the University of Lithuania.

More than 15 thousand plants grow in the garden area. species, varieties and forms of plants, and the garden itself is open to visitors all year round. The most important functions of the garden are the formation, accumulation, renewal and research of plant collections.

All the collections in the Botanical Garden are extremely important for the preservation of botanical diversity, scientific research, studies, education and public ecological education.

The garden's collection of decorative plants is particularly abundant: more than 1.5 thousand are grown in the largest rose garden in Lithuania. varieties and types of roses, thousands of visitors are attracted every year by the large blooms of tulips, peonies, rhododendrons, daylilies, and dahlia collections. Varieties of decorative and berry plants are also exhibited here, in the VMU Botanic Garden. During its hundred years of existence, the Botanical Garden of VMU has turned into a unique place and attraction, where a rich history is intertwined with the spirit of preserving botanical diversity and preserving nature. The garden has become a relevant space for celebrations and education of the city and communities: festivals, fairs, concerts, exhibitions and the biggest botanical summer festival in Lithuania - "Fragrance Night" - are organized here every year.