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2023The Greccio Nativity Scene - Set

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Technical details
  • 09.10.2023
  • Colmeia Design / Túlio Coelho
  • Cartor
  • Offset
  • Stamp Size: 30,6 x 40mm, M/S Size: 125 x 95mm
  • €0.61, €1.05
About The Greccio Nativity Scene

The celebration of the eighth centenary of the Greccio Nativity Scene, which associates St. Francis of Assisi with this form of commemorating the event of Christmas, explicitly reported in the narrative of one of his first and most important biographers (Thomas of Celano, Vita Prima, chapter XXX), relates to a phase in the history of culture and Christianity, still persevering today, demonstrating the Saint of Assisi’s prescient expressions of modernity, which have become established.

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