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2023Year Pack - Year Collections

Year Collections
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  • 07.12.2023
About Year Pack

An exceptional keepsake containing every Special Stamp set and Miniature Sheet issued in 2023 in mint condition.

The Yearpack includes the historic Flying Scotsman and Flowers stamps which are the final Special Stamps bearing the profile of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the first stamps with King Charles’s silhouette.

The pack includes a total of 156 mint stamps, with a face value of more than £225, and an overview of each stamp issue from the year.

The Yearpack also contains images of all the First Day of Issue alternative postmarks issued in 2023.

A decorative, protective folder and sleeves keep all the stamps in their perfect mint condition.

2023 Stamp Issues:

Iron Maiden X-Men Flying Scotsman Flowers The Legend of Robin Hood His Majesty King Charles III: A New Reign Blackadder Warhammer Windrush: 75 Years River Wildlife Terry Pratchett's Discworld Paddington Dame Shirley Bassey Harry Potter Christmas 2023