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The Legend of Robin Hood

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About The Legend of Robin Hood

Royal Mail celebrates the story of the legendary and popular English folk outlaw, Robin Hood, with a set of ten exclusively illustrated first class stamps.

The ten new Special Stamps bring the legend of Robin Hood and his companions to life with illustrations exclusive to these Royal Mail stamps.

Each stamp depicts an element of the famous Robin Hood legend; from being outlawed, then meeting and leading his merry men, his marriage to Maid Marian and his death. The set also features other popular characters from the Robin Hood story including Friar Tuck, the Sheriff and King Richard.

1st Class Robin Hood is declared an outlaw
1st Class Robin Hood meets Little John
1st Class Friar Tuck carries Robin Hood
1st Class Robin Hood robs the rich
1st Class Robin Hood wins the archery contest
1st Class Robin Hood captures the sheriff
1st Class Robin Hood helps Maid Marian
1st Class Robin Hood and Maid Marian marry
1st Class King Richard III removes his disguise
1st Class Robin Hood shoots his last arrow