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King Charles Definitive Stamps - Low and High Value

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Presentation Pack
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Presentation Pack
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About King Charles Definitive Stamps - Low and High Value

Since the release of the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, in 1840, there has been a close association between British coins and definitive stamps. The portrait of Queen Victoria on the Penny Black was based on that designed by William Wyon, chief engraver at The Royal Mint, for the ‘City’ medal of 1838, which commemorated Queen Victoria’s first visit to the City of London the year before. During successive reigns, many artists worked on both coins and stamps or had their designs for the former adapted for use on the latter. In the 1960s, Arnold Machin created an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II for decimal coinage and then designed new definitive stamps, which became an iconic symbol of the United Kingdom around the world, reproduced billions of times. The new definitive stamps are a continuation of this long tradition: they feature a portrait of His Majesty The King created by Martin Jennings for the obverse of the new UK coinage and subsequently adapted for use on stamps.

Following the introduction of the King Charles 1st and 2nd Class Definitive stamp in April 2023 the full range of low and high value definitive stamps will be issued on 29th August 2023.

The complete set of seven new King Charles Definitive low value stamps typically used to make up remaining postage fees. The King’s effigy appears alongside a 2D barcode printed in matching colour alongside the main body of the stamp, separated by a simulated perforation line. The colours for all seven values are retained from the Machin stamps.

1p - Plum Purple
2p - Dark Green
5p - Purple Heather
10p - Aqua Green
20p - Light Green
50p - Slate Green
£1.00 - Wood Brown

High Value:
£2.00 - Bright Blue
£5.00 - Spruce Green