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Butterflies of Gibraltar

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About Butterflies of Gibraltar

Gibraltar boasts an impressive diversity of butterfly species, with a total of 609 species identified to date. To showcase the natural beauty of Gibraltar and its butterfly population, we have collaborated with renowned UK-based Wildlife Artist, Mr. Jonathan Pointer. His artistic talent and attention to detail are evident in the stunning illustrations depicting the following butterfly species:

• Red Admiral: The Red Admiral butterfly is known for its striking black wings with red bands and white spots. It is a migratory species that can be commonly seen in Gibraltar during the autumn months.

• Brimstone: The Brimstone butterfly is recognised for its vibrant yellow-green wings, which resemble the color of sulfur. It is one of the earliest butterflies to emerge in spring and is often associated with the arrival of warmer weather.

• Monarch: The Monarch butterfly is famous for its orange and black wings, adorned with intricate patterns.

• Small Copper: The Small Copper butterfly features bright orange wings with black spots and borders. It is a small but eye-catching species commonly found in grassy habitats throughout Gibraltar.

• Swallowtail: The Swallowtail butterfly is characterised by its large wingspan and distinctive black and yellow markings. It is considered one of the most majestic butterflies, with a graceful flight and a preference for nectar-rich flowers.

• Long-tailed Blue: The Long-tailed Blue butterfly is a delicate species with pale blue wings and slender tails. It is known for its remarkable ability to migrate long distances and has a particular affinity for coastal areas.

Each stamp features a vibrant illustration of one of these butterflies, accurately capturing their unique characteristics. Additionally, the stamps include a captivating view of the Rock of Gibraltar in the background, symbolising the distinctive landscape and geographical significance of the territory.