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Europa 2018 - Bridges - Set

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Technical details
  • 03.05.2018
  • David P. Attard
  • Stamp Size: 44mm x 31mm, Sheet Size: 150mm x 158mm,
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About Europa 2018 - Bridges

European postal administrators have issued philatelic stamps depicting 'Bridges as the common theme for EUROPA 2018.
Malta's two-stamp issue feature the Madliena Bridge and the Grand Harbour breakwater bridge.

Madliena Bridge
The Madliena or Wied id-Dis Bridge was built in 1880 by the British military forces to facilitate transportation of military equipment and also servicemen along the Victoria Lines. Until the 1930s soldiers would reach nearby Fort Madliena via this bridge when on duty to guard that part of the Victoria Lines. Later this bridge came into use by civilians and is still a popular thoroughfare for Gharghur or Naxxar.

Grand Harbour Breakwater Bridge
This bridge, also known as St. Elmo Bridge was built during the British period as part of the breakwater project .It was completed in 1910, having taking 7 years and 500 men to finish. It was intended as protection of the Grand Harbour from intruders. Traditionally the Grand Harbour was protected by a heavy chain barrier, which ran across the entrance from Fort St Elmo to Fort Ricasoli. This bridge gave access to the breakwater, however it was destroyed by enemy action during World War II.

A replica bridge was inaugurated in 2011 and this was part of the plan to regenerate Valletta's Grand Harbour. The bridge was redesigned and modelled on the destroyed Victorian bridge while still keeping some of its features.

EUROPA stamps are issued by European postal administrations and bear the official EUROPA logo.

Since the first issue in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a tangible symbol of Europe's aim for closer integration and cooperation. These stamps underline cooperation between European postal administrations and seek to promote philately. They also build awareness of the common goals, roots, culture and history of Europe.

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