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Flora 2006 - Dinaric Chickweed - Set

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Technical details
  • 01.11.2006
  • Marijana Pažin
  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
  • 35.50 x 29.82 mm
  • 0.20 BAM
About Flora 2006 - Dinaric Chickweed

High mountains of Herzegovina, especially Čvrsnica, Vran, Plasa i Čabulja are a junction of numerous endemic plants, whether it is about stenoendemic plants (plants being present only on some of those mountains) or Dinaric endemic plants (endemic plants being present on a broader area of the Dinarides). Those mountains can be named the center for preservation, formation and relocation of many endemic plants. A specific position and influence of the Mediterranean climate favor developing of variety of flora.

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