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202050 Years Earth Day - Set

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  • 22.04.2020
  • Nigel Matthew
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  • Joh Enschedé Security Printers
  • Offset
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  • 100c, 130c, 220c, 320c
About 50 Years Earth Day

100 cent :
A hand carrying a globe which consists of water and land.
Both water and land have typical Aruban fauna and flora.
Such as the “tortuga, cocolishi, pisca cora” etc in the water
and on land the iguana, shoco, burico, cabrito, trupial, barbulet, cadushi, aloe etc.
While the tropical sun is shining brightly behind the Hooiberg.

130 cent:
Two hands holding the Earth which is encapsulated by the symbol of recycling.
One hand is the hand of an adult, the other hand is of a child.
Symbolizing an older generation teaching a younger one how to
prevent destruction of our planet by recycling.

220 cent:
A pair of hands holding soil of the earth with new vegetation life.
Symbolizing the importance of our flora and at the same time our
duty to make sure we take good care of it.

320 cent:
Several ethnic hands holding our planet Earth simultaneously.
Symbolizing the responsibility we have in common to protect and
to become aware of the importance of our planet Earth.