2021 Nature Protection Trnovacko Lake - Set

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  • 09.07.2021
  • Adela Zejnilović
  • “Golbi” – Podgorica
  • 29.00 x 35.00 mm
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About Nature Protection Trnovacko Lake

Lake Trnovačko is located at 1517 meters above sea level, in the far western part of Montenegro, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. This lake is 825 meters long and 715 meters wide.The lake is most likely of glacial origin. During the winter, it is often frozen, with abundant snow that lasts until the summer months. It is surrounded by mountain massifs, whose peaks exceed 2000 meters.Due to its heart-shaped form, Lake Trnovačko attracts the attention of many visitors, tourists and photography lovers.Montenegro Post, within the edition "Nature Protection Trnovačko Lake", publishes a commemorative stamp, a maximum card and a first day cover.Design: Adela Zejnilović, graphic designer from Podgorica

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