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2024Art in Montenegro through the Centuries - Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa - Set

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First Day Cover
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  • 29.02.2024
  • “Blicdruck” – Sarajevo
  • 35.00 x 29.00mm
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About Art in Montenegro through the Centuries - Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa

Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša, one of Montenegro’s most renowned writers, was born in Budva in 1824 (or, according to some sources, in 1822) and passed away in Vienna in 1878. In addition to his literary works, he is well-known for his journalistic works; he was also a translator and a very successful politician.Ljubiša’s works The Battle of Vis Island, Montenegrin and Littoral Stories, The Storytelling of Vuk Dojčević and the historical-ethnographic work The Community of Paštrovići in the Surroundings of Kotor are distinguished by his recognizable language, style and themes, with which the writer left an indelible mark in Montenegrin and South Slavic literature.The Montenegro Postal Service is publishing a commemorative postage stamp and a first day cover as part of the edition Art in Montenegro through the Centuries 2024 – Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša.

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