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2022 Estonian Women’s Epee Team – Olympic Winner - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 17.01.2022
  • Indrek Ilves
  • AS Vaba Maa
  • Offset
  • 70,0 x 70,0 mm
  • 70,0 x 70,0 mm
About Estonian Women’s Epee Team – Olympic Winner

The Estonian women’s épée team – Katrina Lehis, Erika Kirpu, Julia Beljajeva, and Irina Embrich – won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, defeating South Korea in a 36-32 win in the final. The victory was decided in the final bout between the team captains. Katrina Lehis, the anchor woman and bronze medallist in the individual event at the Tokyo Olympics, gained a 3-0 lead and defeated the world’s second-ranked Choi Injeong 10-6, bringing the victory to the Estonian team with a final score of 36-32.

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