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2022 Flora - Botanical Illustration, Punica Grantum L - Miniature Sheet CTO

Miniature Sheet CTO
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Miniature Sheet
GBP £4.68
Miniature Sheet CTO
GBP £4.68
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Technical details
  • 22.06.2022
  • Calcography + Offset
  • 104.5 x 150 mm. Stamp: 50.17 x 45.21 mm
About Flora - Botanical Illustration, Punica Grantum L

The pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is a deciduous, thorny, highly branched shrub or small tree (2–10 m tall), with scarlet flowers 3–4 cm long and large, golden-red fruits with a crusty rind. leathery and a persistent chimney-shaped calyx. Its leaves, with a shape between lanceolate and obovate, are bright green and turn red in autumn. It is one of the only two species accepted today that form the genus Punica, within the family Lythraceae.

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