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2023Marine Life in The Mediterranean - Block of 4

Block of 4
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Block of 4
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Technical details
  • 28.07.2023
  • Paintings: Andrew Micallef, Design: MaltaPost p.l.c
  • Offset
  • Sheet Size: 118mm x 185mm Stamps Size: 44mm x 31mm
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About Marine Life in The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is home to a stunning variety of marine life. Though it covers less than 1% of the ocean surface, the sea holds 1 in 10 known marine species, of which 28% are unique to the region. Unfortunately, over the past years, wildlife species in the Mediterranean have faced various threats, including whales being struck by ships, turtles ingesting plastic and the over-fishing of sharks. MaltaPost proudly introduces a set of five stamps that portray marine species found in the Mediterranean waters. The objective is to encourage the preservation of our natural environment and the protection of the unique marine fauna found in the area. Local artist Andrew Micallef, renowned for his meticulous depictions of Maltese flora and fauna, created all five stamp artworks.

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