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Firefighters Day

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First Day Cover
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About Firefighters Day

Under the slogan Full respect for the conquerors of the flames, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation on Wednesday, September 13th this year, the issue of postage stamps entitled FIREFIGHTERS’ DAY, consisting of two postage stamps (with face values of Lei 9 and Lei 10) and a First Day Cover.

The 13th of September is part of the calendar of firefighters history, being marked, since 1953, in memory of the battle on Dealul Spirii, in 1848, when their heroism, proven in the confrontation with the Ottoman army, was officially recognized and honoured by the ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza. In 1863, when the reorganized Romanian army, received the new national flags, he chose for the celebration the 13th of September.

Firefighters are also called “everyday heroes”. Firefighters’ work is not limited to fires. They are the rescuers of people and their belongings in floods, earthquakes and natural and man-made disasters.

With their professional and practical training, the firefighters are on a permanent state of alert. Disciplined and courageous, they are a powerful shield for protecting the lives and belongings of their fellow human beings. Their work is often carried out in a state of imminent danger. Sadly, some lose their lives. They become our heroes, permanently kept in the hearts of the members of the community they have saved and protected.

A pious tribute to our fallen heroes and a sincere Happy Anniversary! on a national holiday, to our everyday heroes, engaged with devotion and courage in an action defined as the protection and rescue of fellow human beings and their belongings.

Romfilatelia thanks the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its documentary support granted to the development of this issue of postage stamps.