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Foundation - Vasa Posta - Set

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Technical details
  • 05.12.2011
  • Zrinka Penava Dogan,designer, Zagreb
  • Zrinski - Čakovec
  • Multicolor Offset Printing
  • 4 Colours
  • 35,50 x 35,50 mm
  • 0.41
About Foundation - Vasa Posta

Children’s hands The world around us is a wonderful, but often also a very cruel place. We are all in a sense alone, but some among us are indeed, palpably, undenyingly alone in every sense of the word. Apart from that, they are young, inexperienced and without any help. And the youth is the most beautiful period of life isn’t it? Enthusiastic, full of chances and without the slightest concern what is going to happen to us tomorrow, except when you really don’t know what is going to be with you tomorrow… Then, it becomes the youth in which you have no time to be young, since the light-hearted youth is actually the privilege of those luckier. Those less lucky today in Croatia are 1450 children accommodated in children’s homes for children without adequate parent care, where they live an entirely different childhood. They live in institutions till they finish middle school, then they continue living for some time in a housing community and after that time no one is legally obliged to take care of them and see what happens with them. Without family support, money or job, they have to start living on their own and in a very delicate period of life must face a series of big existential problems, hard to face even for most grown-ups. Unfortunately, without the minimal help from society these stories rarely have a happy ending. As the owner of the project “Good People for the Children of Croatia”, existing from 2008, Croatian Post has had the chance to visit children’s homes, meet the children and their incredible fates which influenced it, as a socially aware company, to become, within its possibilities, a co-creator of a better and more human world. Thus, Croatian Post Inc established the Foundation „Vaša pošta“ (Your Post) with the useful and humanitarian purpose to provide financial support for these children through life policies in the counter-value of 6000 EUR that are being paid on behalf of a child and in his/her name during their stay in institution and that are payable to the child at the time when he/she leaves the institution and begins an independent life. Touched by fates of these children, the Foundation has continued its modest humanitarian work that gave it the privilege to take part in new, luckier life paths of many children from different counties: Split and Dalmatia, Šibenik and Knin, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Neretva, Vukovar and Srijem and Karlovac County, where thanks to an excellent response from a number of donators the policies in the amount of 7 million HRK were realised in children’s names.

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