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Medugorje 2017 - Set

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Technical details
  • 01.06.2017
  • Jelena Grgić
  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
  • 25,56 x 35,50 mm
  • 1,00 BAM
About Medugorje 2017

The mystic apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary, that is deeply immersed in God’s salvation plan, is a special message to Catholic believers and the Church. Croatian Post Mostar’s stamp issue „Međugorje 2017” is dedi- cated to one of the greatest European Marian shrines. On June 25th 1981 six youngsters from the Herzegovin- ian parish of Medjugorje on the hill Crnica, on part of the hill called Podbrdo, had an encounter with a woman they recognized as the Holy Virgin Mary. Those young- sters were: Ivanka Ivanković, Mirjana Dragićević, Vicka Ivanković, Ivan Dragićević, Marija Pavlović and Jakov Čolo. From then, three and half decades have past, and messages from the Holy Mary, Queen of Peace (that may be categorized into five basic messages: of peace, faith, conversion, prayer and fast) are sent continuously throughout the world.

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