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2017 Sport - Handball - Set

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  • 18.07.2017
  • Vlado Kraljević
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  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec and Agens d.d. Zagreb
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  • 25.56 x 35.50 mm
  • 3.60 BAM
About Sport - Handball

The language of sports everybody understands, its huge influence is recognized as a way of transmitting important messages about society's development. Sport, especially in the lives of young people, encourages physical and psychological development and also allows having company and making new friendships.The beginnings of handball, according to some historians, are linked to ancient Greece and a game called „Urania“, while in ancient Rome a similar game was popular called „Harpaston“. Today's handball evolved from three various sports. The Danish gymnastic trainer Holger Nielsen in 1898 had introduced to the curriculum a game similar to today's indoor handball called „Haandbold“. Germans claim that handball originates from the German games „Kӧngsbergball“ and „Raffball“ (shown for the first time in 1891 in Braunshwig) that was later called „Hazena“ by the idea of a gymnastics teacher Anton Krištof, while the first rules were proclaimed by Vaclav Karas in 1905.

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