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2018100th Anniv. of Restoration of Lithuanian State - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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  • 09.02.2018
  • A. Ratkevičienė
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  • “Vaba Maa”, Estonia
  • Offset
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  • 26 x 36 mm
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About 100th Anniv. of Restoration of Lithuanian State

On 16 February 1918, the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed in Štralis House (now known as the House of Signatories), a building in Vilnius Old Town used by the Lithuanian Society to Aid War Sufferers. The Act declared that Lithuanian statehood had been restored based on principles of independence and democracy. This set of postage stamps depicts the original copy of the 16 February 1918 decision by the Lithuanian Council regarding the notification of its declaration of independence found by Professor Liudas Mažylis on the eve of the hundredth anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian statehood