Historical Heritage Medun - Set

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  • 04.11.2019
  • Đorđije Radević
  • “Forum” – Novi Sad
  • 35.00 x 29.00 mm
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About Historical Heritage Medun

The Old Town of Medun (Meteon), erected between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, was one of the centers of the Illyrian tribe of Labeates, which ruled the whole Skadar basin. At the foot of this city - fortress, lived the Duke Marko Miljanov, a writer, a hero and tribal champion. Medun is located on the 13th kilometer northeast of Podgorica, in the area of Kuči. Montenegro Post, within the edition Historical Heritage - Old Town of Medun, publishes a commemorative stamp and the First Day Cover. The author of the design is Dorđije Radević, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

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