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Editoral Project Archbishops of Braga (3rd Group) - Set

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Technical details
  • 17.04.2020
  • Atelier Design & etc / Túlio Coelho
  • Bpost Philately & Stamps Printing
  • Offset
  • Stamp Size: 30,6 x 40 mm, M/S Size: 95 x 125 mm
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About Editoral Project Archbishops of Braga (3rd Group)

First presented to the public in 2017, the “Archbishops of Braga” stamp issue is now on its 3rd group, having gone through 12 (out of a total of 18) Archbishops and Lords of the Primate Archdiocese of Braga, which the Archdiocesan Commission for Patrimonial Assets (as part of the IHAC - Institute of History and Christian Arts) is paying tribute to, in partnership with the CTT - Correios de Portugal. The philatelic project, a cultural initiative of the aforementioned commission, originated in a synthesis of the Episcopal Fasti of the Archdiocese of Braga, which is currently in development.

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