Historical Heritage Sehara- A Dowry Chest - Set

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  • 17.11.2020
  • Anđela Mrvošević
  • “Blicdruk” – Sarajevo
  • 29.00 x 35.00 mm
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About Historical Heritage Sehara- A Dowry Chest

Sehara - sanduk - škrinja is a wooden chest intended for collecting clothing, jewelry and other valuables by unmarried women. Depending on the social status of the maiden’s family, the seharas were covered in leather, ornamented with carvings or various painted motifs, lid included, both on the outside and the inside.Due to its appearance, sehara was an important piece of furniture, and since valuable items were kept in it, it had a latch and a padlock, as security.Montenegro Post, within the edition Historical Heritage – Sehara, a dowry chest, publishes a commemorative stamp and the first day cover. The author of the conceptual design is Anđela Mrvošević, a graphic designer from Nikšić.

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