Europa 2020 - Ancient Postal Routes - Set

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  • 09.05.2020
  • Adela Zejnilović
  • “Forum” – Novi Sad
  • 42.00 x 28.00 mm
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About Europa 2020 - Ancient Postal Routes

The first data on the organized delivery of postal items in the territory of present-day Montenegro date from the time of the Roman rule, when the Balkan Peninsula represented a bridge between the Eastern and Western provinces of the Empire. The cursus publicus, a well-organized service for the transportation of passengers, goods and mail, was established at the time. The available data lead to the conclusion that in the early Middle Ages, the Dioclean dynasty of Vojislavljević kept a rich correspondence.Postal traffic, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, included several routes. The most important of these, the Via di Zenta, connected the Montenegrin coast to the continental part of the Balkan Peninsula. Montenegro Post, as part of the Europa - Ancient Postal Routes edition, publishes a commemorative stamp, the First Day Cover and a notebook. The author of the conceptual design is Adela Zejnilović, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

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