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100 Years Royal Automobile Club Vasco Navarro

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About 100 Years Royal Automobile Club Vasco Navarro

On November 25, 1923, the Gipuzkoa Automobile Club was founded in Donostia/San Sebastián. In the act of constitution it was proposed that the presidency be held by Alfonso XIII, adopting the name “Royal”. Alfonso XIII, passionate about motor racing, always showed determined support for all the activities of the Royal Automobile Club.

The promotion of motor sport has been a task that the Royal Automobile Club Vasco Navarro has carried out throughout its history, beginning with the Lasarte Circuit, the motor racing events that were held in San Sebastián between the years 1923-1935, except in 1931 and 1932 and were cut short by the Civil War starting in 1935.

These Lasarte Circuit races had a great international impact since many of the drivers came from different European countries, also enjoying great popular acceptance. In 1928, two women drivers competed on the Circuit with the Bugatti team.

From its very origins as the Royal Automobile Club of Guipúzcoa, the entity has been closely linked to the development of motor sports in the Basque Country and Navarra. From the Lasarte Circuit to the modern EcoRallyes, there have been multiple competitions organized by the Club. Among the most notable and representative of its long history are: the Basque-Navarre Rally, the Jaizkibel Climb and the EcoRallyes of recent years.

Innovative and pioneer in Europe in the organization of automotive sports events in different specialties since those beginnings at the Lasarte Circuit, the Royal Automobile Club Vasco-Navarro is, currently, the most representative entity in terms of mobility in the Basque Country and Navarre. Thus, more than 100 years of history guarantee this brand, that of a Club of services for the member and his family that receives added value thanks to its wide range of benefits, but also a Club that benefits the entire group of motorists, which contributes to the development of sustainable mobility, creates states of opinion to improve circulation and road safety and which, a century later, continues to promote the practice of motor sport.

As for the poster on which the Centennial seal is based, it is the work of Giuseppe Magagnoli “Maga” (1878 Bologna-1933 Milan). It is a unique poster of which no other specimens are known to date. It was made for the Lasarte Circuit in 1925 and is owned by the RACVN.