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2008World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO III - Set

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Technical details
  • 20.06.2008
  • Mihai Vamasescu and Stan Pelteacu
  • -
  • -
  • Offset
  • 5 Colours
  • 72 x 36 mm, 150 x 125 mm (stamp with circular perforation diameter of 30 mm), 192 x 162 mm
  • 0.50LEI, 1.00LEI, 2.40LEI, 3.10LEI, 4.50LEI, 6.00LEI, 8.10LEI
About World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO III

In 2008 we shall all rejoice over the celebration of 150 years since the releasing of the first Romanian postage stamps issue, the famous “Bull Head”. On this occasion, Romania organizes the first World Philatelic Exhibition, under the name of EFIRO 2008. The First EFIRO Exhibition (E-exhibition FI-Philatelic RO-Romanian), enjoying international attendance was organized in 1932, under the high patronage of King Carol II. The subsequent two editions were hosted by the Palace of Parliament in 1998 and 2004.

In order to promote the great philatelic event among local people, in 2006 and 2007, Romfilatelia released two postage stamps issues dedicated to the event. The issue of 2006 presents in a “mark on mark” manner all the stamps of the original “Bull Head” issue (July 15, 1858) and the second one of 2007, in the same manner, made up of three stamps with the face values of Lei 1.10, Lei 2.10 and Lei 3.30, reproducing the stamps of the second “Bull Head” issue (November 1, 1858 – May 1, 1862) with face values of 5, 40 and 80 “parale”.

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