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2008Iasi - 600 Years of Documentary Accreditation - Set

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Technical details
  • 26.06.2008
  • Mihai Vamasescu
  • -
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  • Offset
  • 6 Colours
  • 48 x 33 mm, 182 x 98 mm, 133 x 100 mm (stamp size: 42 x 52 mm)
  • 1.60LEI, 1.00LEI, 2.10LEI, 3.10LEI, 7.60LEI
About Iasi - 600 Years of Documentary Accreditation

Between 1400 and 1432, Alexander the Good was the ruler of Moldavia and, during his long reign, he managed to politically, administratively and ecclesiastically organize this Romanian province. During his entire reign, the Metropolitan seat of Moldavia was recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Encouraging trade, in 1408, he granted Polish merchants several privileges officially acknowledged in a document where the city of Iasi was also attested. In 1564, the ruler Alexandru Lapusneanu moved the capital of Moldavia from Suceava to Iasi.

In 1859, the city of Iasi elected the first native ruler for the United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. Between 1859 and 1862, both Iasi and Bucharest were de facto capitals of the Principalities. In 1862, with the unanimous external recognition of the Unification and once the country became known as Romania, Bucharest was designated as the capital city.

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