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200880 Years of Existence - The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 28.10.2008
  • Mihai Vamasescu
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  • Offset
  • 5 Colours
  • 36 x 36 mm,136 x 104 mm
  • 2.40LEI
About 80 Years of Existence - The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society

"ATTENTION EVERYONE! YOU ARE LISTENING TO RADIO BUCHAREST! ..." These were the first words broadcast in Bucharest, on the evening of November 1st, 1928, at 9 PM sharp...

"This is Radio Bucharest!"- just four words that translated from the hard work of tens of people, some of them unknown to the general public, others solely acknowledged through their broadcasted voices. Names such as Margareta Marinescu, Puia Vasilescu Rebreanu, Aurora Balaceanu, Nadia Stefanescu, or Radu Vasilescu, are just some from the long list of the Romanian radiophony’s pioneers whose voice resounded in the tinny wooden boxes from Romanians´ houses at the time. George Carnu Munteanu and Dragomir Hurmuzescu are the names of the first General Manager, respectively the first President of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society, the latter having been followed by Dimitrie Gusti.

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