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2008Joint Stamp Issue Romania - Kuwait 45 Years of Diplomatic Relationships - Set

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Technical details
  • 21.06.2008
  • Alina Munteanu
  • -
  • -
  • Offset
  • 5 Colours
  • 48 x 33 mm, 115 x 81 mm (stamp size: 48 x 33 mm), 156 x 82 mm
  • 2.00LEI, 2.00LEI, 3.30LEI
About Joint Stamp Issue Romania - Kuwait 45 Years of Diplomatic Relationships

This year, with the celebration of 45 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Kuwait, Romfilatelia releases the joint stamp issue "45 years of diplomatic relationships Romania-Kuwait".

Romania has established embassy diplomatic relations with the State of Kuwait on June 10, 1963, the Emirates being the first country in the Arabian Gulf Region that established diplomatic relations with Romania and other East European countries. Equally, His Royal Highness, the Emir of the State of Kuwait was the first chief of state in the Arabian Gulf region to visit Romania in 1981.

After 1990, Romanian presidents have paid official visits in Kuwait (1992, 1999) which consolidated bilateral political and diplomatic relations, a dialogue further enforced by the visits that the high officials of Kuwait took to our country, the most recent being the official visit paid by the Prime Minister of Kuwait in Romania in 2006, occasion on which the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Bucharest was officially inaugurated.

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