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Contemporary Lithuanian Art. Graphics - Set

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Technical details
  • 08.10.2016
  • D. Vildžiūnas
  • Art paper. Offset
  • 36 x 50.8mm
  • €0.48
About Contemporary Lithuanian Art. Graphics

Graphics is a branch of visual art, and it includes drawings, prints, illustrations of books and periodicals, caricatures, postage stamps, etc. Lithuania has been popularized around the world by works of a graphic artist, illustrator, creator of medals, ex-libris, and frescoes Petras Repšys (1940). The artist’s works have been evaluated by several tens of various awards. According to art critics, Mr. Repšys has brought art closer to science by visual interpretation of Lithuanian culture history, using primary sources, discussing with experts in various fields during the creative process, so that he could be considered as the first multidisciplinary creator in the country.

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