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Hill of Crosses - Postcard

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  • 17.07.2020
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  • K. Kuodienė
  • “Baltijas Banknote SIA”, Latvia.
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About Hill of Crosses

In the Middle Ages, a wooden castle "Kula" stood on this hill. It is not known exactly why crosses were built on this hill, but one of the most frequently mentioned versions is that crosses began to be built in memory of the victims of the 1863 uprising. Although the Russian tsarist government forbade this, the number of crosses grew and the Jurgaičiai mound was called the Hill of Crosses, the place itself was considered sacred, people came here to pray. After regaining independence, the Hill of Crosses flourished even more. It became most famous around the world in 1993. Pope John Paul II visited there and offered Mass. 2012 a little more than 100 thousand. cross. It is likely that this number is now higher because there is still a living tradition after church marriages, child baptisms, or other important occasions to visit the Hill of Crosses and leave the cross of your family. It is believed that the dream or desire written on it comes true and can work for a lifetime.