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Holy Christmas and New Year 2020 - Set

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Technical details
  • 22.12.2020
  • U. Žilytė
  • -
  • “Baltijas Banknote SIA”, Latvia.
  • Offset
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  • 30x37,5 mm
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About Holy Christmas and New Year 2020

U. Žilytė, who created these postage stamps, takes her memories to her childhood holidays. "When I was a child, we were secretly waiting for Christmas, because during the Soviet era, we could only officially celebrate the New Year. I remember back then, the great joy of the holidays was decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. We had some sour cream toys, glass garlands and definitely prepared real wax candles. We attached them, burning, to the branches of the Christmas tree with special brackets. A magical sight! At the same time, the wonderful smell of a living Christmas tree and the quiet joy at home ", the author shares her memories.

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