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2020 Contemporary Art of Lithuania - Photography - Set

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  • 25.09.2020
  • L. Selmistraitis
  • -
  • “Baltijas Banknote SIA”, Latvia.
  • Offset
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  • 30x37,5 mm
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About Contemporary Art of Lithuania - Photography

Vitas Luckus (1943–1987) is often presented as the pioneer of conceptual photography in Lithuania. He started photographing at the age of just 13, and three years later he was already participating in exhibitions. From the very beginning, he was active - he worked in several magazines, created advertisements, and belonged to the Kaunas Photographers 'Club and the Lithuanian Photographic Artists' Union. What makes this artist most famous is not the abundance of works, but his own identity as both a personality and a creator. He perfectly combined reportage photography and artistic exploration. The photographer captured an environment close to himself - peasants, street passers-by, loved to experiment.

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