2020 The Christmas Mail - Set

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  • 13.11.2020
  • Vladislav Rostoka
  • -
  • Tiskárna Hradištko, s.r.o.
  • Offset
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  • 26,5 x 33,9 mm
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About The Christmas Mail

Christmas Mail to Baby Jesus is a unique project organised by the Slovak Post in collaboration with its partners and a major part of the most wonderful festivities of the year. It is thanks to the Slovak Post and this program that children can send their secret wishes, ideas for presents, drawings or greetings to Baby Jesus at the address “Ježiško 999 99”. Since the project launched, more than 1.7 million letters from children all around the world have been sent to Baby Jesus. An actual reply from Baby Jesus plus a little surprise in the envelope never ceases to provide joy and delight in children’s hearts. Every year the Slovak Post chooses one young artist’s special drawing dedicated to Baby Jesus to become the inspiration for the following year’s Christmas postage stamp. For more information on Christmas Mail to Baby Jesus, visit the website
The 2020 occasional postage stamp from the series Christmas Mail was inspired by two drawings. The central concept came from the picture “A Bell Full of Love” created by Soňa Drbúlová from Žilina combined with motifs from a work painted by Alexandra Patakyová from Komárno, The Christmas Countryside. The motif of Winter Countryside by Alexandra Potúčková from Stará Turá was the inspiration behind the FDC. The design of the Christmas FDC postmark depicting a Christmas tree is based on a drawing by Martin Gallo from Dubnica nad Váhom. All the artwork was chosen by the Postage Stamp Design Commission from drawings sent to the Christmas Mail 2019, which were sent with their letters as part of the Baby Jesus project. The graphic design was done by academic painter Vladislav Rostoka.

Communication Department, SP a.s.

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