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2023My Land - Canary Islands - Special Folder

Special Folder
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  • 22.06.2023
About My Land - Canary Islands

Correos continues with the collection of philatelic documents "Mi Tierra" in order to continue disseminating the values and culture of the different Spanish autonomies.

The stamps issued over time constitute the best ambassador of our land. In these small pieces of paper fit all our traditions, our history, our heritage, our art and architecture that we want to transmit from generation to generation as an essential memory of what our roots are.

This collection, which began in 2015, already has the edition of 16 documents: Asturias, Galicia, Aragón, Extremadura, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Madrid, Andalusia, etc. This month of June we continue and finish the collection with the folder Mi Tierra: Canarias, which will be the last to conclude the 17 documents that make up the entire collection.

These products include stamps representative of the nature, characters, traditions, culture and architecture of the Canary Islands. In short, a Philatelic document that aims to collect the culture of this community on stamps.

These collections are designed to bring philately closer to those people who, not being collectors, see two important concepts together; the singularity and attractiveness of each one of the Communities of Spain with the testimony and knowledge that our stamps dedicate to it.

This product has a price of 25 euros VAT included, and a print run of 800 units. It is marketed as always through the usual channels of the Post Office philatelic service.