Tourism - Rijeka Crnojevica - Set

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  • 31.05.2017
  • Zoran Popović
  • Blicdruk - Sarajevo
  • 35.00 x 29.00 mm
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About Tourism - Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevića is one of the most famous and oldest places of the Rijeka nahija, which lies on the same river. At the entrance to Rijeka Crnojevića there is a stone bridge, known as the Danilov Bridge. The oldest preserved building in Rijeka Crnojevića is the house of Saint Peter of Cetinje, whose construction has begun to form the urban look of the settlement.This picturesque place conquers with its uniqueness of ambience and silence, and represents a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors. The Post of Montenegro, within the edition "Tourism", publishes a special edition of the postage stamp containing a single brand and a first day cover. The author of the idea is Zoran Popović, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

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