Montenegro in NATO - Set

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  • 05.06.2017
  • Zoran Popović
  • Blicdruk - Sarajevo
  • 42.00 x 28.00 mm
  • 1.00 EUR
About Montenegro in NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a political-military alliance comprised of 29 member states of Europe and North America. NATO headquarters are in Brussels. When it was founded, on April 4, 1949, NATO had 12, and now with Montenegro there are 29 members. Member States pledge membership to respect individual freedoms, democracy, human rights and the rule of law as key values. After ratification of the Accession Protocol in all 28 member states, the adoption of the Law on the Confirmation of the North Atlantic Treaty in the Parliament of Montenegro and the surrender of all instruments of ratification to the State Depositary State became the 29th member of NATO. Post of Montenegro in honor of Montenegro's accession to NATO, publishes a suitable postage stamp and First Day Coverage. The author of the idea is Zoran Popović, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

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